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“Legacy Leaders’ curriculum has not only enhanced our students’ understanding of professionalism, decision-making, building healthy relationships, and setting attainable goals, but has also taught them the values associated with becoming a positive leader.”


-Dr. Jason Nault, Principal


"For the past six years, I have watched Legacy Leaders help students learn strategies for succeeding in life. From communication skills to interviewing skills to team building, Legacy Leaders teaches students skills that they will use for their entire lives. The one-on-one coaching that the students in need receive is amazing!"


-Beth Barrow-Johnson, Teacher

"North-Grand High School has partnered with Legacy Leaders for years.  Legacy Leaders has a strong commitment to our school community and to our students.  Our students LOVE the after-school program, and we've now incorporated Legacy Leaders into our freshman seminar classes so ALL North-Grand students have the benefits of working with this organization.  Legacy Leaders helps my students to develop key leadership and communication skills, and students who participate gain confidence and self-esteem."


-Emily Feltes-Maslanka, Principal

"Legacy Leaders has been an integral part of my Freshman Seminar and Senior Seminar classes over the past few years.  The lessons and activities bring added dimension and diverse voices to my students.  The lesson that provides the biggest impact is called Toxic Thinking.  The activities help students see that they all have worth, they all have talents, and they all can contribute.  They don't have to believe anyone - even their own family members - who says that they don't have potential or should not pursue their dreams.  I've seen students with tough attitudes break down in tears after that lesson, because someone else said out loud what they have been holding inside for so long." 


-Lisa Courtney, Teacher

"Legacy Leaders provides young people with an opportunity to build confidence, develop important interpersonal and professional skills, and see themselves as leaders. Legacy Leaders International and Everett Gutierrez are committed to building their leaders’ skills, self-esteem, and preparedness for college and career pathways. The youth in Legacy Leaders International become more confident, self-assured, and ready to lead!"


-Emily Nott, After School Matters

“Legacy Leaders is a leader in equipping our young people with essential skills that will propel them towards a successful future. Their staff is passionate about preparing our next generation of leaders and it shows through their innovative programming and  commitment to create change in some of Chicago’s most needed communities.  I look forward to continuing to build upon our established partnership.”

-Tony Diaz, After School Matters

"The work that Legacy Leaders does with youth is invaluable. Because many of our students often face difficult odds, it is crucial that they learn and master essential socio-emotional, problem-solving, and leadership skills in order to beat those odds and develop the self-efficacy they need to believe in their abilities and achieve their goals. Legacy Leaders meets that challenge and teaches our students those skills in engaging and creative ways. Students truly see the staff as mentors who they can trust and learn from."

-Nora Alba, School Counselor

"There are so many positive things to say about Legacy Leaders... This program is a great jump start for teenagers, it gives them confidence, self esteem, encouragement, support, and the much needed tools for a successful future... Thank you Legacy Leaders for being a bright light of hope for our children."

-BJ Mitchell, Legacy Scholar Parent

"Legacy Leaders is an organization that believes in the future of our children by instilling trust, confidence and relationships into their everyday lives in order to prepare them for a greater tomorrow."


-Elsa Rivera, Liberty Bank Sponsor

"I have observed LLI help students overcome their shyness and intimidation of communicating with others and grow into strong leaders that can advocate for themselves. I know firsthand that this program has the ability to truly help all students that are engaged. They're great!"


-Lissete Aguirre, School Counselor 

“ I have partnered with Legacy Leaders International through my organization, Junior Achievement for three  years. They really do a fantastic job with their students! I have helped bring professionals into their classrooms as well as created a job shadow event with United Airlines, where a group of 50 students went to their headquarters to learn about different careers at United. Not only do I enjoy working with LLI and their students but my contacts do as well.”


-Andrea Hamilton, Junior Achievement

"Last year we had the honor of hosting Everett Gutierrez Jr. as a guest speaker for the United Speech and Development Club; a grassroots social club which fosters a positive environment to master public speaking skills, develop leadership and networking skills at United Airlines. He presented an engaging session on the power of influencing others. The materials presented were completed with careful detail and consideration; making a strong impact on our members. Everett is a powerful speaker, coach, and program manager. He is a talented leader, who not only leads with his intellect but also with his heart, bringing unique value to any organization.  We are looking forward to having Everett as a guest speaker in the near future." (Proud to be part of our amazing United Airlines family. Thoughts, views, and ideas are my own.)


-Keyla Velazquez, United Airlines

"I had the pleasure of meeting Legacy Leaders' founder, Everett Gutierrez, at a “Power of Influencing Others” workshop.  Everett took time to meet with a group of individuals that are proactively seeking new and fresh ways to take the next steps in building their careers.  Not only was his presentation inspiring and a great foundation for how I could personally keep my journey moving, he took time to meet with me in a one-on-one conversation to help me build my own thoughts more clearly.  His storytelling and real life examples gave me something to hang onto and use as a point of reference in projects I’m still building on one year later.  Everett is a great influencer and the fact that he’s taking time to teach others will only make this world a better place, sooner than later.

-Patti Foss, United Airlines


 "Everett Gutierrez and his staff at Legacy Leaders inspire inner-city youth who may not otherwise understand their limitless individual potential. Seeing the time and energy that Everett has put into this program is truly profound. I believe his leadership style and development program is unique and extremely effective."


-Robert Tugurian, Major, US Army

"As a volunteer, I have been thrilled and honored to take part in Legacy Leaders' networking events for the past three years. This organization not only gives but also mentors and develops young people to dream high and reach for the stars. I highly recommend for people to give to this organization financially or with their time and mentorship. Young people today need strong adults helping and shaping them, especially during these difficult times."


-Veronica Velasquez-Beltran, Walgreens

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