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Postsecondary Coaching

A common belief is that higher education should develop a student’s personal, occupational, and economic opportunity. Many students look to the pursuit of higher education as a vehicle for upward mobility; however the college journey encompasses much more than just syllabi and coursework. For a number of students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, the path to degree completion is full of self-discovery and unexpected hurdles.

The Challenge:

More than 40% of American students who start at four year colleges haven’t earned a degree after six years. If community colleges are included in this tabulation, the dropout rate is more than half. (Who Gets to Graduate)

Our Solution:

Support Legacy Scholars in developing purpose and self-efficacy by increasing their identity and social capital. Legacy Scholars are exposed to leadership curriculum/experiences focused on establishing a healthy self-concept along with identifying resources crucial to their persistence and post-college success.


Investments students make in themselves and the impact of these experiences on personal narrative.


Social relationships which provide benefits/resources to be shared.


Scholars identify why they are earning their degree. Throughout their postsecondary experiences, they discover what gives them energy and what they find to be most fulfilling (Chickering, 1969).


Legacy Scholars: A cohort-based program designed to support students through their post-secondary endeavors; whether four-year college, two-year college, or trade school.  Our programming will support students in developing a healthy self-concept, strong self-efficacy, and empower them to pursue leadership opportunities on campus. Experiential learning and networking opportunities will also be key components of the program. Our inaugural cohort will be introduced in Fall 2016.


Legacy Coaching: Research has established that mentoring students once in college can increase persistence and completion. Scholars will be paired with a Legacy Coach, a professional who has volunteered their time to establish rapport with the scholar and offer insight on career opportunities post-college.

Legacy Scholars Conference: Annual leadership conference organized in collaboration with a university partner intended to focus on increasing the leadership capacity of college-age students, building their network, and equipping them with the tools necessary for post-college success. Inaugural conference will take place in Spring 2021.

Meet Our Alumni 

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