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Legacy Mentors 

Our organization is seeking a team of World Changers to work with young adults on the front lines. We are looking for those who feel they have learned a lot throughout their career, achieved much success, and are at the point where they want to give back to others.  They are not perfect people; however, they value the chance to learn from their mistakes and impart those lessons to others.  These are individuals who care about the next generation of leaders. They don’t want to sit back and watch but rather, in action, desire to pave the way for others.  They believe in giving back through time, talent, and treasure for long-term positive change and sustenance. 


Are you what we are looking for?  Are you someone that cares about legacy, purpose, and the ability to make a difference beyond the average person?  If you are inspired by what you have read, imagine what you could do if you gave yourself the permission to pay it forward and live out your leadership dot in the world.  Join us by volunteering to become a Legacy Mentor and complete the application process.  We are a team of leaders dedicated to advancing the lives of young adults throughout the city. 


We look forward to reviewing your application!

Mentor Selection Process 

Legacy Mentors are a select group of seasoned adult professionals seeking to guide young adults through leadership training and professional one-on-one coaching. They possess a wealth of knowledge and demonstrate a passion for young adults.


  • Connect and guide Fellows through one-on-one meetings every first Saturday of every month from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM beginning March 2, 2024 through December 7, 2024 in addition to 4 virtual in-service meetings per year.

  • Receive training and have opportunities to participate with optional in-person activities. 

  • Build skills by reading through Fellow course materials/topics before scheduled Zoom calls and preparing for conversations to re-emphasize learning.

  • Give Fellows the opportunity to connect with your network as you open doors for their future growth. 

  • Ideal Candidates & Their Commitment (Please Read)
    Invested in Healthy Relationships: Fellows are dedicated to developing healthy relationships with themselves, family members, friends, co-workers, mentors, and other Legacy Fellows. They find ways to help other Legacy Fellows thrive and are willing to keep themselves and others accountable to boldly finishing the program. Problem Solvers: Legacy Fellows must be willing to seek solutions when faced with problems and not be easily discouraged when they don’t see immediate answers. They are individuals committed to thinking of creative solutions for personal and professional challenges to remain committed to the program. Active Participants: Fellows are willing to be committed to bettering themselves personally and professionally through active engagement. They speak up and share their experiences and have the grit to commit to finishing the program. They must also commit to attending weekly meetings with other Legacy Fellows, mentors, and staff for 9 months. Fellows must check in with their mentors during sessions for personal and professional development/support. Any other meets set outside those times are at the mentor's and the fellow's discretion but are not required. They must commit to being flexible for two other special events, which will be communicated to them in advance, and attend a mandatory out-of-state weekend retreat. Event and trip expenses are included in the membership fee. Problem Solvers: Legacy Fellows must be willing to seek solutions when faced with problems and not be easily discouraged when they don’t see immediate answers. They are individuals committed to thinking of creative solutions for personal and professional challenges. Monetary Commitment: We are excited to offer a program in that others would pay $10,000 to participate. However, with the support of some corporate sponsors, we have kept costs low for each Fellow. All Fellows should be invested in the program and have some skin in the game. Legacy Fellows should be willing to invest a $500 non-refundable membership fee to cover some of the costs of materials, books, supplies, and their out-of-state leadership retreat. Most young adults spend more than this on shoes and clothes! This is a minimal fee compared to all the training / technology you will receive with a deposit of $100 will be due upon acceptance. Fellows must also agree to fundraise for Legacy Leaders to invest in future programs and program experiences. Service Focused: Fellows are young adults who care about serving others; exemplifying selfless love, leading by example, and managing the needs of others is a top priority. Age & Education: Fellows are graduates from high school (may have some college or completed college) residing in Illinois and between the ages of 21-30, from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They may be previous participants from the Legacy Scholars program, but this is not a requirement for acceptance.
  • Submit Your Application and Set Up An Interview Here
    All candidates must complete and submit the application, which includes one personal and professional reference. Please make sure to start the application process early so your references can submit their information before the deadline. Applications will be reviewed by Legacy Leaders staff and Legacy Mentors. Be on the lookout as you will be receiving an email to take part in a virtual interview.
  • Next Steps Once Selected
    Participants will learn of their selection via email and must sign a statement agreeing to meet the program and time commitments if selected. They also agree to the values of the Legacy Fellows Program and Legacy Leaders (leading organization), which includes but is not limited to full participation at monthly meetings, events, the retreat, networking, and promotion on behalf of the organization.
  • Financial Commitment
    1. How much is the membership fee? We believe that for you to take your leadership journey seriously, you must be willing to invest in yourself and have some “skin in the game.” The program is valued at about $10,000 per person; however, we have kept membership fees low at $500. Most young adults spend more than this on shoes and clothes. This is nothing compared to the training/technology you will received with a deposit of $100 that will be due upon acceptance by clicking here; the remaining balance will be due by May 15, 2024, before the retreat. We never want finances to be an issue and if there are concerns about paying these fees by the above dates, you can contact Everett Gutierrez at for support with a payment plan. 2. How are membership fees determined? Membership fees are determined based on the cost of resources, supplies, books, and retreat expenses. The price is reduced by the support of our corporate partners to make it accessible to those who would commit themselves to this personal and professional growth opportunity. 3. What if I cannot pay the membership fee? Will that prevent me from being in the program? All Legacy Fellows candidates are chosen based on candidate criteria. Don't get discouraged, if there are issues with paying these fees you can contact Everett Gutierrez at for support and guidance. There is always a way! 4.) No Refunds There are no refunds available even if the Fellow does not decide to complete the program or if they are asked to leave by a member of the LL staff.
  • Fellows Expectations and Policies
    The following is our policy for all participants of the Legacy Fellows program. Failure to comply with any of the following can result in a warning or termination from the program. To arrive on time (15 minutes early) to all sessions and come prepared with my materials. Come with an open mind ready to receive from other leaders even when it comes to receiving feedback. If there is an emergency situation (described as illness or death in the family), the Fellow must contact Everett Gutierrez in advance via phone or email at least 3 days in advance. Missing excessively can terminate membership in the program as each Fellow can not miss more than one in-person session. Online sessions are primarily reserved for those that are joining the program that live out-of-state and must be approved to join via zoom in advance. Participating via zoom is only recommended when a participant has an emergency (as described above) and must be requested at least 24 hours in advance for approval by Everett Gutierrez. Be respectful and professional in speech and refrain from inappropriate language during Fellow meetings and program events. Meeting with mentors once a month during scheduled Legacy Fellows sessions and fully interact/participate in this experience. This includes asking for advice, receiving honest feedback and coming prepared with questions based on my learning. Fellows also agree to not engage in inappropriate conversations with mentors as the main focus is their professional development and should be confined to a professional nature. Mentors are to hold information confidential for the exception of sharing with Legacy Leaders staff. Fellows must fundraise or pay their program expenses of $500 for the Legacy Fellows Program. Unless a payment plan was communicated and agreed to in advance they understand that they are responsible for these fees and the proposed timeline. (No refunds will be given under any circumstances.) Fellows will dress business casual and appropriately for gatherings upon request. Fellows are to be committed to their self-growth and will come prepared to learn with a laptop/tablet/phone and notebook. They are responsible for completing all required monthly Legacy assignments before monthly meeting dates. Legacy Leaders and its staff has the right to change or modify the policy at any time throughout the duration of the program without notice and can terminate a Fellow's membership in the program. Any Fellow in the program agrees to these terms through their participation.
  • Meeting Dates
    In-Person Meeting Dates: * March 2, 2024 through December 20, 2024 in addition to 2 social gatherings. In-Person Lake Geneva Retreat * September 2024 In-Person Gala Event & Graduation * December 2024 (Date TBD)

Contact Information

For additional questions or concerns contact: 


Elizabeth Hemphill-Burns

Fellowship Lead, Legacy Leaders

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