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From the President

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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Legacy Leaders! 


Our team takes pride in developing the most unique, fun, and innovative ways to coach and train future leaders.  We believe everyone can lead as we work with all various groups to identify growth opportunities and create change through mentorship, workshop teachings, and leadership coaching. Legacy Leaders takes pride in working with groups internationally and locally to cultivate new ideas, motivate teams and build strategy to bring new and developing leaders to the next level.  The curriculum for our workshops is formulated to meet the needs of each group and highlight the most innovative strategies. 


Our keynotes and programs are formulated to encourage individuals to follow their dreams and set realistic, attainable goals relevant to their leadership journey. Our team of professionals works to meet the needs of our clients and challenge creative thinking to stimulate internal and external change that will impact work and life balance.  Our company's foundation lies in the history behind how leaders make decisions to produce the way organizations and people make choices for the future.  This is an exciting time to grow as a leader or professional and discover your true potential, as our team would love the opportunity to work with you! If you would like Legacy Leaders to come to your company, school, church group, or university, contact us for more information to put a package together that fits your needs.


Make it a Great Day!


Leading for Change,

Everett  Gutierrez  Jr.

President and Founder

President's Biography

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