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Meet Our Team

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Olivia Roskos-Peterson

Executive Lead

Olivia Peterson is a creative director, performer, and teaching artist who uses various art forms to develop and encourage youth & adults throughout the city of Chicago. Olivia’s passion is to see others grow and develop as people and leaders by providing them with a platform to share their personal stories of pain and joy. Olivia has worked with youth for the past five years in Chicago in many different capacities. She interned with The Miracle Center as a teaching artist, set/costume designer, and vocal coach throughout her college career. 

She started her work with youth at GRIP outreach by mentoring high school students. During her time with GRIP, Olivia worked as a teacher’s assistant in various classrooms, a teaching artist alongside the American Theater Company, and a life coach focused on academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. She also spent a summer interning with GRIP in writing, producing, and directing a full-length multimedia performance. 

Outside of teaching, she is a singer/songwriter and violinist. She has worked with several reputable artists throughout the city of Chicago. Olivia has spent time traveling nationally and internationally performing original music and working alongside the "Dream Baby Collective." 


Olivia has directed productions for Legacy Leaders International that focused on telling the powerful and impactful stories of what it’s like to be a young leader working through challenges and adversity in the city of Chicago, highlighting real experiences from students' lives. Olivia is committed to seeing students use the arts to process and grow through their experiences, thus developing into leaders who can impact and change the communities around them. 


Jennifer Taylor

Fellowship Lead

Jen has over 20 years of experience in Learning and Development. She and her teams are honored to serve others who seek to grow personally and professionally. This passion for servant leadership is at the heart of everything she does, whether working 1:1 with someone or speaking to hundreds at a time. She is inspired by the courage and humility of others who aspire to lead authentically because they are the change makers. Jen has been the Director of Talent Development with KeHE Distributors since 2017. She heads leadership development initiatives directed at building head and heart-centered leaders through content like RARE Leadership, Leading at the Speed of Trust, Relate, and others. Hundreds of leaders at KeHE have been impacted by this work, and this feels like just the beginning!


Yaritza Flecha

Social Media Lead

Yaritza Flecha is a Chicago Native and graduates of Dance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Throughout her career, she has been involved with The Miracle Center, a performing arts organization dedicated to fostering the lives of youth and young adults through the arts. At The Miracle Center, Yaritza has played an integral part in content creation for several social campaigns concerning the health and livelihood of young adults in the inner city of Chicago. In her most recent works, she has been a Social Media Manager for Ivivva and iLoveKickboxing. She continually functions as a free-lance multimedia content creator for local shows, small concerts, and events for various companies and artists. She teaches dance classes part-time and works with Legacy Leaders as their Social Media Lead. Yaritza is passionate about dance, content creation, and elevating the lives of others through creative outlets. She wishes to capture the essence and evolution of rising success among young adults in Chicago.

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