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Career Development

In today’s workforce, there are many factors contributing to job satisfaction and professional success. One factor in particular is professional development.

Capable, ambitious employees want training, mentoring, and coaching. They seek to gain skills that will allow them to become more versatile, creating opportunities to increase their value to an organization or find success in their own endeavors.


Our suite of career development tools is designed to be values-based and purpose-driven.


Legacy Career Coaching

Would you like to learn how to craft your professional story and create a more effective elevator pitch? Have you been feeling discouraged or stagnant in your current professional role? Have you been searching for work, but feel as if your efforts have not paid off? If any of these questions resonated with you, Legacy Career Coaching can guide you to the next phase of your professional journey.


Through our career coaching initiative, clients will work one on one with a coaching-certified team member. Upon initial contact, clients will be given a pre-assessment survey to determine their needs and establish a goal-directed approach to meeting those needs. You can expect to gain career confidence, insight, and inspiration as we work together to accelerate your career.

Corporate Training

Legacy Leaders’ Corporate Training initiative provides workshops and seminars for companies, organizations, and government agencies seeking to enhance the professional skills and capabilities of their employees.

Whether you seek support with your next corporate retreat or basic training for your frontline staff, Legacy Leaders’ offers several curriculum topics that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team is comprised of consultants from a diverse array of industry backgrounds.

Legacy Leaders will collaborate with your organization to complete a training-needs analysis and establish a plan of action that aligns employee learning with your business objectives, offering you the flexibility to choose the right level of support for your staff.  

Listed below are some of the topics we can provide:​

When Purpose Meets Leadership

Leading Teams (Team Development)

Power and Influence

Managing Human and Social Capital

The Great Speaker

The Vision Caster

Smart Moves with New Clients

Strategy and Organizational Leadership

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