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Legacy Fellows Application​
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Dear Future Fellow: 


Are you tired of trying different jobs, programs, or going through school still not knowing what to do next with your life?  Do you feel stuck or anxious and wishing you had more one-on-one guidance as you make decisions about the future? 


Like many of you, I was told that after high school I had to “figure it out” now that I was legally an adult.  I constantly asked, what does “figuring it out” mean and how the heck would I understand what it meant to be independent when everything was so structured through school.  After graduation, my friends split up, my teachers were gone, and the world deemed me an “adult." My family was not very dependable and I had a hard time relating to others who didn’t understand my story. Being an adult was a lot of pressure and not knowing who to talk to about the struggles that came with making mistakes was even harder when I was alone.  


It was only through the power of fellowships and internship programs that I learned what it meant to become a young adult with potential and purpose. I made some amazing friends who I am still connected with and found mentors that pointed me in the right direction as I was figuring myself out. These experiences are what opened the doors to my current success and the lessons I learned have changed my life. It is for this reason that my team and I set out to create a fellowship experience that would open the same doors for you. I truly believe in the power of young adults and know what it takes to propel them into success.  


My ask is that as you are looking through the application and commitment to this program, give yourself the chance to do something that matters and apply.  There are only 25 slots available. We are looking for the young adult who is ready and willing to invest in themselves right now.  It’s not about having the best grades, being in school, having the perfect job or family upbringing.  It’s about believing in yourself and allowing others to believe in your abilities to do something beyond what you imagine.  


Make the decision and personal investment to apply.  This is your opportunity to do something for yourself that will change the outcome of your destiny. 


We look forward to reading your application and learning about you!


Leading for Change, 

Everett Gutierrez Jr. 

Everett Gutierrez Jr, E.M.L., M.N.A.

Founder and Executive Director

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About the Program

 Legacy Fellows (ages 19-27) helps Leaders of Color achieve financial independence and life balance by discovering their purpose, developing business opportunities, and creating a network of success that generates generational wealth. We elevate young adults to become the best version of themselves and teach them to share their story with the world!

  • Attend a Saturday leadership training and brand development session once a month from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM with top speakers (click here for schedule).

  • Connect with a personal mentor once a month virtually and in-person to talk about life issues, gain connections, and develop careers.

  • Go on an out-of-state, action-packed leadership retreat (click here for more information).

  • Be a part of a triad with two to three other fellows in the program for a year.

  • Earn a certificate of completion at the end of the program that can be used as a reference and added to a resume or future application.


We believe that every person has a very unique one-of-a-kind purpose to fulfill in life and has the opportunity to live it out in a meaningful way.  The Legacy Fellows program is a select group of young adults (ages 19 - 27) seeking to activate their purpose and realize their full potential to change the world around them. We believe that every person is born to make a positive difference in the world that only they can uniquely make!

Want to learn more?

Watch our webinar and learn what it takes to be a Fellow!


Contact Information

For additional questions or concerns contact: 

Olivia Peterson 

Executive Lead, Legacy Leaders