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“Legacy Leaders became the
family that I always wanted. It
came as a blessing when I most
needed it.”

Age 20, Class of 2018

Legacy Youth Participant for 3 years

Gabriela was raised in the Humboldt Park community of Chicago and attended North Grand High
School, earning her high school diploma. She participated in the Legacy Youth afterschool
program during her sophomore, junior, and senior years as a program intern, participant, and leader. Throughout her time as a Legacy Youth participant, she traveled with the program to Washington, DC and Lake Geneva, WI for a leadership retreat.

Currently Attending: Richard J. Daley College

Major(s): Undecided

Favorite Legacy Youth Lesson: Getting the Interview On Point. The first time we started to do practice
interviews, I was very nervous. I had never had a job interview. Once I spoke about the topic and
learned from the interview class, I have come a long way and now do very well in interviews. I have
been hired on the spot so far at every interview I have had.

Proudest Accomplishment to Date: Being the best possible mother for my child. I’ve become very
responsible and am a better person. As much as a I love and respect my own mother, having her in
and out of my life was a struggle. When I became a mother, I decided to be the kind of mother he

Future Goals: I want to become a pre-Kindergarten teacher and work my way up to elementary, high
school, and college teaching. I never want to stop growing. I also want to be a power deadlifter!

Gabriela Galindo

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